Barefoot Beach

Photo by Catherine/Flickr

Barefoot Beach was ranked Florida's #6 Beach for 2013 by Dr. Beach.

Located in Naples, Florida, but accessed from Bonita Springs, Barefoot Beach "is 8,200 foot long and located in a 342 acre park. The surf is gentle with waves generally being measured in inches, and the water is very shallow, making this a great beach for bathing and swimming for families. The sand is fine and contains many small shells" (Dr. Beach).

Barefoot Beach is popular for its gorgeous natural surroundings. It features rich vegetation, abundant wildlife, tidal creeks and mangrove swamps. Because of this well-preserved ecosystem, Barefoot Beach Preserve serves as breeding areas and as a nursery for sport and commercial fish and shellfish.

Park Rangers at the preserve also offer several programs for the whole family, educating the public about the importance of the environment and wildlife in Southwest Florida. Programs include a guided walk through the preserve, and a free recreation guide where they take visitors to look at the natural history of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

One of the Best Beaches in the US: Barefoot Beach Preserve


Barefoot Beach Preserve County Park: Information about the park, including contact information and hours of operation.

Friends of Barefoot Beach Preserve is an organization committed to the preservation, protection and enhancement of the natural features of Barefoot Beach Preserve.

Naples, Florida Government: Official Naples, FL government website.

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