Submission Guidelines

And all register users may submit Events, Photos, Videos, and Articles. Businesses and organizations may register for a free Standard Business Listing or a Premium Business Listing, and then submit Special Offers.

All submissions are welcome and greatly appreciated. Submission of content implies your acceptance of the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to reject any submissions, or delete any content, we deem is outside the scope of this website.

The website is in English, and only submissions in English will be accepted.

Benefits of Submitting Content

Besides helping to promote this beach community, there are numerous benefits for submitting content.

  • Businesses and Organizations that register for a free Standard Business Listing or a Premium Business Listing are included in the business index, making it easier for tourists, new residents, and the overall community to learn about their organization.
  • Organizations in the business index, which can include civic clubs and municipalities, may submit Events to promote their organization and its community activities.
  • All registered users can help to promote the community by posting Events, Photos, Videos, and Articles.

SEO Benefits: Since we do not restrict all links to "no-follow", businesses and organizations can help their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by submitting content with links to their websites. We do, however, limit the number of links and strictly enforce the quality of links to other websites. High quality links are important to the website user, so we have zero tolerance for spammy and irrelevant links, and reserve the right to reject any content submitted to the website based solely on the discretion of the administrators.

Marketing Benefits: Besides appearing on the website, many of the submissions will also be published on our social media networks and displayed in our newsletter. Content contributors who submit quality content may be rewarded by having their content promoted across our social networks. For this reason, we will reject submissions that are not well written, based solely on the discretion of our administrators.

Content & Length of Submissions

Our goal is to provide a valuable experience for users coming to the website. Therefore, content submissions must be of such quality that is valuable to users. Content that is deemed outside the scope of this website and does not comply with the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy will not be published.

As a family-oriented tourism and community website, only content deemed appropriate for all ages will be posted to the website.

Length of content must be appropriate. Business Listings, which can include organizations, must be complete enough to provide valuable information to website visitors, and may include a limited number of useful helpful links.

  • Events must have enough information to adequately inform visitors of the event, and may include a helpful link to another website.
  • Videos, Photos, and Special Offers typically include a brief description, and may include a helpful link to another website.
  • Articles must typically be at least 300 words or more in length while being helpful and informative to readers. Articles may have one or more helpful links, depending upon length and content.

Original Content

You are only permitted to post original content, or content you have permission to post.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content (content already online) is not permitted. We suggest you use Copyscape if there is any question as to whether portions of the article is already online.

Grammar and Spelling

Participation in the website has many benefits for the overall community and individual businesses. Not only do submissions appear on the website, but many of them will also be published on our social media networks and appear in our newsletter.

As a result, submissions must be well written, with proper grammar and spelling. We strongly suggest, therefore, that you type your submission in a word processor with spell check and grammar check, and have it proofed by another individual, before submitting it to the website.

Submissions are only accepted in English. Submissions with simple grammar and spelling errors may be corrected by one of the website administrators before they are published. Submissions without spelling and grammar deemed proper by a content administrator will be rejected at the sole discretion of the administrator.


By maintaining a strict anti-spam policy, we preserve the quality of the website and maintain quality SEO benefits for the beach community overall, including businesses and organizations participating in the website.

Spam is not tolerated in any form or fashion. Submissions that are spam, and/or contain spammy links will be deleted without notice to the individual submitting the content. Repeat offenders will be banned.


A link is created by adding the appropriate code to make an image or text clickable, and thereby sending the user to a different web page. For example, when you click beach community, you go to the home page.

Links must be appropriate to the context of the submission, and limited in number.

For example, a well constructed, detailed Business Submission could have a couple of quality links that fit within the context. Similarly, a short and concise article of 300 words could have 1 link, while a larger well-constructed article could have 2-3 links if they were well placed within the context.

Submission with off-topic links, spammy links, or links deemed inappropriate in any way or for any reason will be deleted without notice to the individual making the submission. Repeat offenders will be banned.

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